ICOL Group at SIMAC 2020

Save the Date, 19-21 Feb, Milan- Italy

Meet ICOL Group at SIMAC 2020!

SAVE THE DATE, 19-21 Feb, Milan- Italy

ICOL Group (group.icol.com) is honoured to announce the launch of a new line of solutions for the Footwear Industry: Smart Digital Footwear Ecosystem (SDFE) and Smart Footwear Factory Solutions (SFFS).

The public demonstrations, 1 on 1 meetings and the official launch of the group operations in the European and Global Markets will take place in Milan from 19 to 21 February 2020, during SIMAC TANNING TECH 2020 (simactanningtech.itl).

Further information about RSVP and booth location at the event will be provided shortly.

See you at simac to discover the future of footwear!

SAVE THE DATE: 19 to 21 february 2020, milan- italy.

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